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Týždenný jedálny lístok reštaurácie Bašta v Trenčíne

About us

NONSTOP Reštaurácia Bašta v Trenčíne

Redesigned restaurant Basta is located in the wider centre of Trenčín town, part Ostrov – Zamarovce. You can get there crossing the small bridge next to the city swimming pool. The great advantage is the restaurant‘s own big parking area for customers free of charge. There is a tennis court, playground for children, interiour and exteriour fireplace and grill there. The restaurant‘s capacity is approx. 100 people, the capacity of exteriour covered terrace is about 190 people – those numbers offer the opportunity to use the space for various social events, weddings, family celebrations, seminars, children´s parties, barbecue parties with friends etc.

You can enjoy your meal in the covered terrace with the view of Trencin castle during summer, or right next to the children‘s playground equipped with slides, swings, trampoline and other attractions.


Daily menu


0,33l Gulášová 1 0.99€

130g Plnená paprika s raj. omáčkou a parenou knedľou 1,7,10 3.50€

130g Kuracia rolka sfetou a rajčinami s dusenou ryžou 1,7,10 3.20€

350g Špenátové halušky so šampiňónovo syrovou omáčkou 2.80€

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